Entry #23 for the Wancket Studios dream portrait contest

I would like to enter my submission into the 25th year anniversary portrait contest.  I am 30 years old, married and have 2 loving, fun puppies.  My 5 year wedding anniversary is approaching, and I would love to have a portrait of my family as we are today (including my doggies!).  I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), which is a genetic condition, at 1 month old.  This condition affects many organs of the body including lungs, pancreas, and liver.  The main effects of CF include chronic lung infections, lung tissue damage and digestive issues.  As a child, I was in the hospital about every year to be treated for lung infections.  During high school, my condition stablized.  During college, I met my wonderful husband and CF decided to show its ugly head.  After college, I was in the hospital yearly for lung infections and my lung function dropped to 50% of normal capacity.  My husband (then boyfriend) stuck with me through all of this and proposed marriage in July 2005.  We were married on 9/16/2006.  About 2 years after we were married, my lung function plummeted even more.  I ended up having to have surgery to remove one lobe of my lung due to infection and I am now using oxygen 24/7. I had to stop doing a lot of the physical activities we enjoyed (skiing, biking, hiking, travelling).  My lung function is now about 27% of normal capacity.  I am also currently listed and waiting for a double lung transplant and on disability from my job.  Through all of this, my husband has been by my side, has been my rock, and I want to do something to preserve where we are in life today, since we are unsure what the future holds. 

I know this sounds like a sob story, however, I do enjoy life.  I feel lucky to be alive and I can't wait for this adventure called life to continue after my lung transplant.  I love to help people and after transplant I would like to get into patient advocacy.  I have an amazing family that keeps me positive and happy and I want to have something to look back on to remember the important things in life - love, family and laughter.

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Melvina Manarik  commented on  August 31st, 2011

Not a sob story, a beautiful love story.

Karen Josefson  commented on  October 17th, 2011

Laura has as beautiful a soul as she has a smile. She is an inspiration and along with her handsome husband and two frisky pups... a more loving and lovely portrait could not be imagined.

Rise'  commented on  October 17th, 2011

I hope you win Laura~

jenni  commented on  October 31st, 2011

Love you, laura!!

Kim harmon  commented on  October 31st, 2011

Laura is the strongest, most determined person I know--she is my role model and has taught me a lot about life and what's right and what's most important. I love her so much and want her, her husband, and my grand-doggies close to me always! I love you, Laura--Mom XO

Kathy Luglio  commented on  November 1st, 2011

Great story about a loving and courageous couple. They would truly be a wonderful subject for a portrait.

Sara  commented on  November 1st, 2011

I can't imagine anyone more deserving of this portrait.

Kb  commented on  November 1st, 2011

Laura - you're so deserving. Good Luck!!!

Pam  commented on  November 1st, 2011

Laura is my inspiration in so many ways. No matter what comes my way I feel no right to complain, when I see how she grasps her challenges and demonstrates true commitment in so many things. Laura you are a beautiful person inside and out

Margarita Manarik  commented on  November 2nd, 2011

I'd love to see the portrait capture Laura's sweetness and beauty.

Katie  commented on  November 11th, 2011

Laura is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She is so giving to others. Laura, I hope you win ;-)

Sharon Holst  commented on  November 12th, 2011

I can not imagine anyone more deserving of a portrait, that includes her family puppies (butters & chloe). I wish you the best of luck Laura & Joe, for the portrait & a new life. Love from a friend always.

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