Time to back up your own pictures!

 I wanted to remind everyone to back-up your personal pictures from 2013! 
Client Insights...
Don't let this happen to you!
Save and Backup your personal pictures.
As a photographer, I get to hear the horror stories from clients, friends and relatives about personal lost files and images.  Some situations involve crashed hard drives and others just lost or misplaced files.  When I hear that someone's crashed computer or hard drive contained three years of their lives... well you get the picture. (no pun intended)
I would like to help you get a routine that you use to keep track of and back up your very precious snapshots.

1-Unload camera or card often.
2-Rename your picture files with the date-then an identifier and sequence #:
(year/month/day-keeps them in order)
3-burn the file to a cd or dvd and store numerically.  Please don't rely only on external hard-drives or the cloud as your only back up source.
4-choose your favorite images from each year and burn to a gold (archival) cd that you put at a different location(safe-deposit, parents house...)

If you need more help or have questions, please call or e-mail me anytime.

Please don't procrastinate...It is not worth the risk and the stress of losing those precious photographs!

Throwback Thursdays

Are you on Instagram or Twitter? If so,  you’ve probably seen or used the hashtag #throwbackthursday, or #tbt, a few times. What a great trend this has become.  I started posting on instagram with snapshots or portraits of my children from when they were young.  It really is addicting. So recently, I started an album on our Wancket Studios Facebook page called Throwback Thursday and the feedback is amazing.  If we are friends on FB and you like our page, you just might have one of your portraits from long, long ago show up in our TBT album.


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Festive Boboli appetizer

Cranberry Pecan Boboli
2 - 8" Boboli Pizza Crust
Brie cheese (I prefer without rind)
2/3 c. dried cranberries 

Preheat oven to 350° F. 

Sprinkle pizza crust with Brie and bake in oven for 8-10 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Remove from oven and sprinkle pecans and dried cranberries.  Cut into 8 triangles and serve.

*try apricot preserves and sliced almonds for another great combo.

Holidays are upon us, are you ready?

It does seem like stores rush into holidays way to early.  Commercials have started, stores are decorated...  I wish we could hold off on that until after Thanksgiving.  As I wish that, we would be in trouble here if we were not already photographing our clients for the holiday cards and the gift portraits that will thrill the "giftee". 

Whether you desire a portrait with holiday theme or a classic portrait that will always be wall worthy, we will design the perfect image.  Just give us a call to be scheduled.


favorite quote today

“What are you going to do with your one and only life?”

– Viola Davis from movie, Won’t Back Down

Fall Portrait time

It is that beautiful time of year-the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and my favortite treat, caramel apples are everywhere.  That also means we only have about one month left to photograph outside.  Don't be left out in the cold!  (ok that was funny)  Call us to plan and schedule your portrait session.

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Equine Portraits

Lately, we have been out on location at least once a week at various equestrian facilities photographing beautiful horses and riders.  I have to say this has been very inspiring as well as just plain fun.  
Some of our clients are lifelong competitors in Dressage or Hunter Jumpers while others have been young riders with just a couple of years experience.  The Horses, some are actually ponies have been incredibly stunning animals.  I hope to share many or the photographs and paintings that we are creating over the next few months.

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